Great APPs for the classroom

App:  Writing Prompts
What Is it? An app that has six different categories of writing prompts.
Who would it benefit? All students, but particularly students who have difficulty coming up with ideas for writing.
How would you use it? I would use it with everyone to start, by demonstrating it for the class. Then¸ I would give my students time to explore and choose a writing prompt, perhaps in pairs. Then,   individually. Then, it would become a tool available for students as they wanted to use it! I would also have my students add their ideas to it because it has that                                                       capability.
                                          Cost $1.99

App:  Writing Tips
What Is it?  An app that has an abundance of writing tips.
Who would it benefit?  All students
How would you use it? I would use this with everyone in the beginning to introduce it. Then, I would have my students explore it to find helpful tips and share them in groups. I would encourage its usage independently  as well.

Cost:  $.99

App:   Note Taker Lite
What Is it?  An app where you can write your notes in handwriting on the IPod.
Who would it benefit? Everyone! Teachers included!
How would you use it? I would use this with all students (and some staff!).  It allows one to write notes on the screen by hand and then saves them. They can be converted to jpegs to email! A great little tool to use  in the classroom torecord important information; ie: notes, dates, events ,etc.  
Cost: Free

App:  Doodle Buddy for Ipad What Is it?  An app that is an area to doodle on your IPod.
Who would it benefit? Students who need something to do during whole class discussion; students with ADHD, Autism.
How would you use it? This would be used with any student in my class

who could benefit and help them to direct their attention.
Cost: Free

Link to group partners' blogs to view other great apps.

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