Class #4 Response

APPs, APPs, APPs and more APPs! This has been an interesting class! Despite the lack of wifi connectivity we persevered and got the work done. First of all, we used a new app (Reel Director) in groups to create a 60 second commercial on some form of AT! So, first of all, we had to figure out how to use it and could not access the internet to see any videos or tutorials, so we tried to figure it out on our on. Really, it was not that difficult at first, but then we ran into a couple of problems. Luckily, we were working in an area of the school where a very nice NSCC student logged us on to one of the computers, so we could get our questions answered through Youtube and a tutorial!
Anyway, we came up with an idea, created a script and recorded it. I am not sure it was the best commercial given the time constraints, but in the end, we had a better understanding of how the Reel Director app works!
Then, Barb asked us to think about how we could evaluate this activity should we use it in our classrooms. (I will use a Grade 9 ELA class as that is the subject I have taught for the past five year.) First of all, I think a rubric needs to be set up with input from the students about the necessary criteria. I would hope things like planning, involvement of all group members, creation of script, decision-making, technology skills and self-evaluation would become apparent. (If not, I may suggest these things!) I would record observations in regard to various outcomes in all three strands of ELA - Speaking and Listening, Reading and Viewing, and Writing and other forms of representation, in particular, media literacy. I would also record observations in regard to group work and being on task. But, the time frame would discourage loss of attention. I think the kids would really love this!

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