Final Class - Case Studies

Our final class - it's really hard to believe! I am so glad I took this course - I have learned a great deal.  I really enjoyed our final class and getting to see all of the interesting things each person did within their case studies. I jotted notes as people presented as a way for me to remember (They are below and aren't complete, but provide a general idea of each presentation which I may need to refer to in the future.)
What I was most impressed with was the varied experiences. It was a great learning experience. I really enjoyed Michelle's presentation - her passion was very apparent and I could easily see that this was a very powerful experience for her! We need more teachers like Michelle, I think!

Jill Swaine - 20 month twin fraternal girls, developing normally, but are already recognizing numbers and letters.  Used four apps with the girls to further develop letter and number recognition; to encourage a love of lettes and reading and have a head start with numbers and eventually math
teachinglearnerswith - see Jill's blog for this link

Michelle Hill - Nick - Grade 2, young 7, Reading and writing tried wiggly cushion then game goo - neither worked then tried Starfall and it worked - then tried Cowriter and it was amazing! Awesome progress - a very different little boy afterward! Fantastic results and excellent presentation.

Jackie Lake - teachers both ELA and Math; chose to work with 5 students, 4 of whom have diagnosed LDs. WordQ - 3 of the kids liked it - 1 did not. Math Bingo- for mental math - liked the competition and liked it overall.

Alana Pyke - 8yr Grade 3/4 French Immersion - ADHD; sees resource for reading development; is very slow and disorganized - focussed memory, focus and organizational skills with him - used fidget toy and sit & fit cushion, mini laptop for writing (open office, comic life and kidspiration) responded really well.

Kari MacDonald - used RazKids with her  (PTA supported this)- Grade 3 for whole class, but focussed on 4 who needed it. They loved it! Great improvement!

Jillian Fullarton - age 7, Grade 2:  attention, tires and frustrated easily, working memory. Reading at a level c, writing is very difficult - used Dragon Dictation, Classroom Suite and CoWriter. Found that Cowriter was most effective - he was able to read back and self correct

Bev Kronfii- Jr. High boy , ADHD -Focus: short term memory, Reading comp and reluctant writer; attention issues: used TumbleReadables on computer; worked very well for him!

Jennifer Fletcher -Gr.7 student - language disorder - writing challenge -tried WordQ, but it didn't work; he preferred Microsoft Word, recommended: Dragon Dictation, CoWriter, Apps for voice recording

Amy Wilde - Katy, Grade 1, has wolf-hirschhorn syndrome - which means she is not verbal, wheelchair bound, used ChooseItMaker2 to help with IPP goals of making choices, also used IPad for motivation

Shauna McNeil - Gr 7, 13 yr old boy- very disorganized, social problems, suggested writing disability, ADD; used Fusion and Word; will use SOLO (incl CoWriter, Draft Builder, Read Outloud, Write Outloud) and Ginger (word prediction) when installed.

Adele Tiggins - 8 yr old in Gr 2 French Immersion - bored in school, is anxious and says she cannot read; does not phonetically decode, used iPhone - Magic apps, Goo Games (Earobics) online, Literactive; was more willing to attempt reading and is growing in confidence.

Mine - shorter than the 15 minutes!

Joanne Kennedy - 11 yr old (Gr 6) boy - writing - Fusion writer - feels like he can keep up with his thoughts now!

Jennifer Lilly -  Using IPads with three little girls to use Literacy Apps ( two 6 yr olds and one 8 yr old) Apps: ones available on the HRSB iPad.(Sight words, Spellblocks, Word Bingo, Story Wheel, Ebooks) Worked quite well.  Good night, iPad!

The Goodnight iPad was very cute! Check it out here:

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